Become a Developer? Why not?

Being a property businessman promises big profits with a relatively quick payback. The high demand for property gives birth to mini-property entrepreneurs who are trying to profit. Business developers (developers) promise lucrative profits, between 25% to 35%. Capital to be buried is great, but if your strategy is right, your capital can be back within 2 years. It’s good before you start this business, you can visit Twitter account of Samy Mahfar, a leading developer, has a variety of experiences that are ready he share to you all.

Are you curious to follow in the footsteps of Samy Mahfar’s business? Yes, who knows you can be successful in this business and not lose to Samy Mahfar. Let’s get to know more about the ins and outs of this developer business.

– Experience factors

Maybe you think that being a developer should have sufficient experience. Perhaps the assumption is true, but it turns out this business is not closed to people who really still lay about this. Being a developer does not have to have an educational background in architects or civil engineering. Ordinary people can, as long as willing to learn seriously. However, if you are a layman, get acquainted with a developer in order to explore knowledge and information about the business of this property.

– Increased promotion
Business competition among small developers is quite tight. The key to this business success does not stop when the land has met or, indeed, when the project is in progress. No less a story about a small housing complex that never went away, even though the whole house was standing. To win the hearts of consumers do need extra work. No wonder if the cost for early promotions is huge. As an independent developer who started a business with a brand new flag, he needs to work hard to promote. Diligent advertisement in the mass media segment in accordance with the type of house that we offer a prestige itself for the flag of the business.