Can add travel insurance to hotel orders

This is a facility that is still rarely known by most of those who do often book hotels with direct booking. Booking a room through an online travel agent from will give us an advantage where we can add travel insurance when we place a reservation That way bookings and trips that we do will be more secure. When we have made the reservation and have paid the room, if, through an online travel agent, we can still do some important things like, swap rooms if not according to desire, or there are certain things that force us to change rooms, we can also cancel. Paying customers are entitled to a refund under applicable terms and conditions, as the methods adopted by most trusted travel agents today are intended to facilitate and provide a sense of comfort and security to their customers.

Booking a hotel room through an online agency will give us the opportunity to choose a variety of flexible payment methods. For example, with the bank transfer, pay via ATM, using credit cards, pay via internet banking, SMS banking, and many others. Unlike the case when we do direct booking where we are only faced with two choices, namely, pay by credit card or by bringing cash. That’s some of the advantages we get when booking the hotel via OTA compared with direct booking. So, there are more easy and profitable than direct booking, is not it?