Consider these before you design your website

Designing a website is not an easy task, and it shouldn’t be underestimated even by the professionals. The wrong choice of Website Design might ruin your online business, it’s because your business relies on the good website that is capable of attracting the people’s attention on the internet. That’s why you have to put your best effort in designing your website if you wish to increase your web traffics, which also means that is increasing the chance of inviting the potential clients to visit your site. Right now, we’d like to share with you some considerations that you need to think before you design your site.

The first thing that you need to pay your attention to is the easiness to navigate on your website. A good website is having the right buttons to be clicked on the right place. You may need to place those buttons or links carefully, and you will do it just fine. The other things that you must put carefully are the content’s and also the advertisements (if there’s any). Yes, the content can be the point of your site. However, if it’s not being put on the right spot of the page, then people will not feel comfortable in viewing it. The same goes for the advertisements. If you’re placing the advertisements in the inconvenient places, prepare to lose some customers due to they’ve been annoyed by the improperly placed ads.

Another thing that you need to consider is the media. As you know, the interesting media such as the videos, images, music, or even gifs can make the web page feels more lively. Unfortunately, if you’ve put too many videos or images on a single web page, expect the slow loading speed. Not all people can have the fast internet connection, and some of your potential clients might flee from your sites due to your website’s page is taking too long to be opened.