Detox Diet with Water

There are many things that you can try as your detox diet plan. You can try the detox diet by consuming water only. It is a detoxifying diet that must be done within 10 days with only liquid consumption. Foods included in the diet are a combination of lemon juice, maple syrup level B, and also cayenne pepper. Lemon juice acts as a source of vitamins, while syrup is a source of calories, and cayenne pepper works in cleaning the system in the body.

In addition, you are also advised to consume laxative tea or a mixture of sea salt and water in the diet. Both types of drinks are to clean the system in the body. After the first ten days have passed, you should again consume solid foods gradually. Start by drinking juice and fruit, and then continue by eating raw fruits and vegetables. You are advised not to eat meat and flame products until your body system is familiar with the new situation.