Don’t come to Costco Tire Center at wrong hours

I’ve been through this once and I’ll never forget it. I’ve come to Costco Tire Center just to buy a pair of new tires for my car. They really need to be replaced due to the old tires have become quite slippery each time I hit the brake. Unfortunately, once I’ve arrived at Costco, I can only see the store is being closed due to the fact that I don’t know Costco Tire Center Hours.

It’s actually quite an important information which tells you when are the right hours to visit that tire center. Sadly, I’ve been careless enough at the time and I can’t change the tires right away. I need to wait until 10 AM in the next morning just to see my new tires, and that incident I’ve almost regretted it deeply forever, due to I have to drive my car to get my daughter to school at tomorrow morning before I change my tire, and we’ve almost had an accident due to the bad tires. If I had actually known the right time when the Costco Tire closes, I will be able to get the tires on time. Thankfully, I and my daughter are fine and from now on, I will keep my eyes on the Costco Tire Center open hours so I will be able to get the parts and the tires of my car at the right time.