Golden Breakfast, McDonald’s latest breakfast menu

Tasting the combination of tortillas and hash browns you can taste in the Golden Breakfast package, McDonald’s latest breakfast menu. McDonald’s delivers a selection of new breakfast menus that can be enjoyed by combining the brown hash potatoes in a tortilla wrap to make it more filling and nutritious. There are two menu choices: Golden Breakfast Wrap consists of Hash Brown, chicken, egg and cheese wrapped in tortillas and Golden Sausage Wrap consists of Hash Brown, Chicken Sausage, eggs and cheese wrapped in soft tortillas. Hash Brown itself is a variation of potato menu that has been chopped and then fried so as to provide a crisp sensation on the outside and soft inside with a small potato texture. For those who start work earlier than usual, you’ll still find that McDonald’s breakfast is still available for you from 5 am onwards or When Does Mcdonalds Breakfast End! Some locations may vary several hours later, with some starting around 6 am.

The Golden Breakfast Wrap and Golden Sausage Wrap menus are only available at McDonald’s Breakfast Hour from 05.00-11.00 and are sold for dining in, take away, drive-thru and Delivery. Are you in touch with Golden Breakfast, McDonald’s latest breakfast menu? Let’s go immediately to the nearest outlet of your residence.