History of Black Forest Cake

On birthday, there will be a birthday cake that will enliven the happy day. One of the cakes that are often used as a birthday cake is the Black Forest. His charm as an icon on birthday has never been lost until now. In Haagen Daaz Cakes, you can increase the level of the black forest. How? By ordering ice cream black forest.

The Black Forest is one of the most popular cakes or cakes. The Black Forest is always present in every celebration of happy moments such as birthdays, weddings, celebrations of success and so forth. This one cake seemed to be a mandatory dish that must always be there in every moment-moment. Because of its famous, this cake is certainly very easy to find throughout the store or cake seller anywhere. This cake can be made from brown sponge which is then coated with fresh cream, plus a sprinkling of chocolate shavings and fresh cherries soaked in a delicious chocolate cream.

Although in history this black forest cake is known to come from the Black Forest area a small town in Germany. According to Wikipedia notes, a cake maker from Bad Godesberg, an area near the German city of Bonn, has claimed to invent this black forest cake recipe in 1915. Since the inventor of this recipe came from the lakeside of Lake Constance, which is very close Black Forest, so from then on he named his home-made cake recipe from the name of his native Black Forest.

Previously there have been several theories that mention the history of the origin of this cake and the meaning and meaning contained therein. First, the sprinkling of chocolate shavings on the cake can be interpreted to symbolize as the Black Forest itself. Secondly, perhaps because of its name or this cake is considered to contain the vocabulary Kirschwasser ( a German term) which is a hallmark of the Black Forest region.

The form of the Black Forest continues to grow and undergo changes and additional variations. Everyone makes the Black Forest with different shapes and different variations, but still not forgetting its characteristic, the brown layer and not to forget to add cherries.