How to Mince Meat

Imagine when you want to buy minced meat in the market, the smell of ‘fragrant’ that really disturbs the nose and not to mention the crowds of people in line, making you lazy to wait. Though you can grind own meat at home without having to bother to the supermarket or traditional. I certainly would prefer to do it myself. For that you need electric mincers, where can you get it? Visit our website and find out!

In addition to sparingly, we also better know the quality of meat and cleanliness. If you are interested in making minced meat yourself, here are some tips you need to consider:

1. Choose the right piece of meat

If you want to chop meat, of course, you have to know which parts of the meat are easy to process. Avoid using meat that contains a lot of fat because it will be hard when sliced into small pieces. Usually, on the upper calf of the cow, has a muscle that is not soft and suitable for chopping. Meanwhile, if you want to use chickens, choose bone-free meat for easy to refine.

2. Cut the meat into small pieces

Be sure to remove the fatty membrane found in the meat. Next, cut into cubes or small pieces of approximately 1 cm in size to make it easier to process. Keep each piece has a uniform size.

3. Chop the meat until smooth

At this stage, you can do it in three ways: by manual using a knife or electrical equipment such as a blender and food processor. In essence, choose a tool that is available at home. Ensure cleanliness of your cookware to avoid undesirable things.

Chop meat with a knife

For this, use a sharp knife and cutting board as a base for cutting meat. Before cutting, mix the meat with small pieces of ice cubes, then slice the thin meat with one-way movement. Do not forget to reverse the chop to make it evenly distributed.

Chop the meat with meat mincer

This one way is certainly easier because it does not need to waste a lot of energy. First of all, enter the beef or chicken and start the engine. The milled piece of meat will come out through small holes in the machine. Turn off this tool when done, if you have trouble grinding meat, you can read the manual again, maybe something is wrong.