Instagram Development

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In the original version, Instagram has 15 effects that users can use when they want to edit a photo. The effects are varied. But exactly on 20 September, ago Instagram has added 4 new effects; Amaro, Hudson, Valencia, and Rise, They also removed 3 effects, such as Apollo and Gotham from within the feature. In the application of effects even if the users can also remove the picture frames that are included in the effect. Another feature available in the editing section is Tilt-Shift. This tilt-shift, the same function as the camera effect through Instagram, is to focus a point on a photo, and its surroundings become blurred. In its use, Tilt-Shift application has 2 shapes, that is a rectangle and also round. Both forms can be adjusted big and small, and you can also arrange focus point that you desired. Tilt-shift also controls the image around the focal point, allowing users to adjust the blurry level around the focal point within the photo.

Once the photo is edited, the photo will be taken to the next page, where the photo will be uploaded to Instagram itself or to other social networks. Where in it there is not only the option to upload on social networking or not, but also to include the title of the photo, and add the location of the photo. Before uploading a photo, users can enter a title to name the photo in accordance with what users think. These titles, users may offend other Instagram users by listing the account of that person. Users can also label the title of the photo, as a sign to group the photo in a category. Join Instagram now!