Teach Dogs to Sit, Stay, and Come to You

To train dogs effectively, make sure he knows his name. Say the name clearly. When he looks at you, give him a snack. Continue the exercise until he learns that if you mention his name he should see you. Now you can use his name before giving any other commands. Find 4 easy ways on how to potty train a puppy by visiting our website.

Sitting is one of the easiest habits to be taught to dogs and most dogs can learn to do it. The trick is to get the dog to associate the act of placing the lower part of the body on the floor with the sound of your voice saying “sitting”. Say the word “sit” with a clear, firm, but friendly voice. When he does, give him a snack.

Practice as often as possible. Sitting activities can be trained in the home, outdoors, and anywhere you bring your dog. Bring a dog snack so you can turn any moment into an exercise session. In the end, eliminate the feeding so the dog can sit with the command without reward.

Now, once he can sit down, teach him to sit still. This is a somewhat more complicated process but still, uses the same command and reward system. Tell your dog to sit down and when he does, say “shut up” and wait a few seconds. If he moves, say the word “sit”, then try again. If he managed to keep quiet, give him a snack and a compliment.

After he learns to stay in one place for 10 seconds, start moving away from the dog after telling him to be quiet. If he follows you, turn around and tell him to “sit”. Say “silence” and away from the dog. Be sure to give a snack when he does it right. Some dogs respond well to hand signals with “silent” commands. Hold your hand every time you say “keep quiet”. Ultimately, the dog will be able to remain silent without hearing the verbal commands.

Teach the dog to approach you. This exercise is most easily done with a friend. Ask someone to hold the dog across the room or yard. Look at the dog and call his name. When he sees you, say “come here” in a clear voice and ask your friend to release it. Call her name again if she does not seem to know what to do first. When he comes to you, reward compliments and snacks. Repeat this exercise until he knows that “coming here” means he has to run towards you.